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NuYork 2020

  This is the material for my CP2020 Campaign set in New York. I use mostly the rules and background as published, with some major details added (like what kind of nuke went off and how much damage it did. What effect it had on the city and its population). I have divided the material into these categories:

    History - Bring the time lines that effect New York together

    Geography - Provide maps and highlight different parts of the city as well various landmarks

    Politics - Describe major corps and major criminal groups (Gangs and Crime Organizations)

    Daily Life - List Bars & restaurants around town as well as things that people deal with every day in New York

    Technology - Items of interest to New Yorkers

    Referee - Information about my house rules and any other referee-only information

    My Notes - What did I do and why did I do it.

    Player Handouts


    A ZIP file containing all of these files

  Any questions or concerns should be addressed to <>

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